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401k, Employee Benefits & Individual Pensions

Employee stress related to money issues has reached critically high levels. In fact, the latest research states that financial issues are the number one cause of workplace stress. This stress negatively impacts employee engagement and other key business metrics. Address this head on by providing your employees our free resources, benefits, and education.

Employee Education

We offer employee education FREE of charge. All of our seminars are conducted in a zero pressure environment with NO SELLING or endorsement of products whatsoever. Financial education contributes significantly to increasing both employee engagement and bottom line results. These are not sales events, they are strictly educational.

Voluntary Individual Pension Savings Accounts (VIPSA)

Company pensions are gone but this doesn’t mean every individual can’t create their own through payroll deduction! Because these are based on contractual guarantees not market performance they are a great compliment or a safe alternative to the traditional 401k.
• Creates guaranteed lifetime income
• Provides guaranteed growth
• Contains zero downside stock market risk
• Can be an IRA, Roth IRA, or simply After Tax money
• Simple and transferable payroll deduction, bank draft, or automated bill pay

Voluntary Individual Education Savings Accounts (VIESA)

Automate college savings for your children now with tax advantaged savings accounts for educational expenses
• Coverdell ESA, 529 or Custodial Account plans available
• Simple and transferable payroll deduction, bank draft, or automated bill pay
• Accounts are invested, diversified and managed starting with first deposit

Voluntary Savings Accounts (VSA)

Simple and transferable payroll deduction, bank draft, or automated bill pay investment savings accounts.
SEP IRA, IRA, ROTH IRA, and standard after-tax accounts available for:
• Retirement savings
• Emergency savings account
• Home purchase down payment
• Vacation funds
• Car purchase funds
Accounts can be invested, diversified and managed.

401k and 403b, Solo 401k's and SIMPLE

We team up with the best programs in the nation to provide you with the absolute best solution for your business and employees.

Group Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Individualized health benefits shopped without bias. We specialize in creating solutions for small to midsized businesses. Our goal is not to offer short-term answers, but rather long-term solutions.

Life Insurance

From group life insurance to key person policies, we do it all. Protect your business and reward your most valued employees.

Discover The Prevailing MEP

The Prevailing Multiple Employer Plan (Prevailing MEP) provides corporate and governmental employers a comprehensive, versatile, and unique retirement solution. The Prevailing MEP allows employers to tailor their plan specifications to fit their needs and desires while divesting themselves of the fiduciary liabilities inherent in qualified retirement plans. Additionally, participating employers are relieved of their responsibilities concerning such issues as annual audits, tax (Form 5500) filings, and investment option selections. As a multiple employer plan, the Prevailing MEP enjoys significant economies of scale thus resulting in an efficient, cost effective, and professionally managed platform.

Fiduciary Liability Transferred

Fiduciary concerns stand at the forefront for many retirement plan sponsors. Most industry providers offer little or no fiduciary support to plan sponsors. Those that do usually restrict it to the selection, monitoring, and replacement of investment options within the plan. This limited approach covers only a portion of fiduciary compliance.

The Prevailing Multiple Employer Plan eliminates employer fiduciary liability because these liabilities are retained by the plan sponsor – Prevailing Asset Management. Employers “adopt” into the MEP and are thus adopting employers, not plan sponsors. Prevailing Asset Management partners with a small group of vetted firms specializing in the retirement plan industry to ensure that it is fulfilling all duties and responsibilities as described under ERISA. All named fiduciaries of the Prevailing Multiple Employer Plan are subject to a Duty of Loyalty to all adopting employers, participants and their beneficiaries. This Duty of Loyalty mandates:

• Full and fair disclosure of all material facts, including fees

• Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
• Full disclosure and fair management, in the plan participants’ favor, any unavoidable conflicts

Cost Effective

The Prevailing MEP is a “soft dollar” plan – all costs and associated fees are deducted from plan assets. Adopting employers will not receive bills for startup fees, audits, end of year Form 5500 preparation, administration, or normal discrimination and participation testing. Additionally, the MEP design affords us the opportunity to leverage significant economies of scale thus resulting in a further reduction of expenses. The plan has neither a minimum nor a maximum number of participants per adopting employer. As such, this plan is available to the sole proprietor, the major corporation, and everyone in between.

Investment Planning and Advice

Investment planning and advice is extremely important, especially in these volatile times. Prevailing Asset Management has partnered with Novus Advisors, nationally, and SES Services locally to provide such help to plan participants. Their registered financial advisors can help you structure a personalized portfolio or you can choose to utilize their professionally managed asset allocation models. They are also available to advise you on advanced planning situations such as estate and trust planning, executive benefits, or any other type of needs that may arise.

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