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Our Fiduciary Process

As independent registered investment advisors, we are legally bound to act in a fiduciary capacity. Our complimentary, 3 appointment process is essential for us to fully understand your situation, customize a plan, and suggest investment strategies that best fit your needs.

First Meeting

Take the time to really get to know one another, ask important questions and gain an understanding your current situation, future needs and goals.

Time to Analyze
Once we understand your current situation, future needs and goals, we organize the information into a written plan. This plan analyzes your overall financial situation, identifying any risks or problems, solving them and then focusing on the most efficient and reliable way to achieve your goals.

Second Meeting
Our second meeting is to go through the plan we have developed and to explain step‐by‐step our recommendations. It is important to understand this is a starting point, a work in progress, and it will adapt as we hone in on your exact needs and as our information becomes more precise. We always rely heavily on your feedback so please speak your mind.

Time to Reflect
The 2nd meeting is filled with a lot of information so please take a week or so to gather your thoughts and questions. Remember, we rely heavily on your honest feedback. We are fiduciaries and our job is to come up with a plan that best achieves your goals.

Third Meeting
The focus of this meeting is your feedback, questions and criticisms. We will zoom in on the details and tweak or change the plan as needed. Once the plan is complete and you are ready to move forward, we will begin the process of implementing so you can secure your estate and you and enjoy retirement.

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